Guys, if you break up with your girlfriend why do you keep her as a Facebook friend even if you see if yourself never getting back together?

My ex is still my Facebook friend. We were engaged. We dated for 3.5 years. We broke up 2.5 weeks ago. Do guys just do this to be nice? Or are they just doing this so they won't hurt your feelings even further? I know we aren't going to get back together, and staying friends just seems like false hope.
No one cheated. We just were living together and argued a lot.


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  • I am too lazy to remove it. Then again I would be too lazy to add someone on Facebook.


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  • In my experience I've only kept exes on my Facebook that I no longer had feelings for because it didn't bother me to see them on my news feed, if I still had feelings for them I'd would delete them and/or block them so I didn't see them on my feed and I wouldn't be tempted to look at their profile. I've also only ever had ex boyfriends delete or block me if they still had feelings toward me as well.

    • I still have feelings for him. After talking to him today it sounds like he doesn't care about me anymore, but maybe that's why he's kept me. I guess I'm the only one that is having problems dealing with it.

      My chances of getting back with my ex seem slim. I feel like I have 1% chance. I'm very sad over it all.

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    • It's weird because he doesn't want to hang out with me, yet he still says i can call him. I did twice and we talk for 30 mins. Still says it's hard for him and hates to see me sad...

    • I just want to feel happy again... :(

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