He is friends with all his exes, except me. Why?

We were friends/best friends for 10+ years. Then we were each other's first everythings and dated in high school/college for 1.5 years and broke up because he wanted something better. A year later, he came back to me after his girlfriend cheated on him. We dated for 6 months, sunshine and daisies. Then left me for someone else. This new girlfriend saw me as a threat? and cyber harassed me for the length of their relationship, which ended with her cheating on him. Fast forward to this summer: We attend the same martial arts practice and see each other basically every week now that we're both home for summer. And every week he ignores me, he doesn't initiate conversation, and when we do talk it skims on superficial and stilted. Which brings me to last night: One of his exes showed up at practice, the one that harassed me relentlessly. He had no problem initiating conversation with her, talking and laughing, while simultaneously ignoring me like always. Why? In both instances of our relationship, I was left behind for something or someone better. I treated him with respect, adoration, and as an equal partner in life. I loved him to my core and for a second I know he loved me too.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I guess the second time around with you , he finally got you out of his system and there is nothing left there. He obviously still has feelings for the other girl if he's talking to her even after she cheated on him. If he didn't care about her he would be treating her like he treats you.

    He isn't the guy for you and you should find someone that is.


What Girls Said 2

  • This one is hard to say, but there are only 2 reasons why someone would ignore their exes... either he still has feelings for you and feels awkward around you, or he is far over you and doesn't want anything to do with you... personally I think he's over you because if he wasn't he would be initiating some form of contact... even on the sly...

    • Oh, and, it is very possible that he never loved you at all...

  • You guys have had a long history, but sometimes it's just time to close that chapter. It's unfortunate that you think these women were/are better than you. In my opinion, not only should you never feel that way, but you shouldn't want someone in your life who makes you feel like that either. I honestly believe that sometimes there's no rhyme or reason as to why men do things, they just do them. Who knows why he remains friends with these women and not you, but I don't think you should care. He just doesn't sound worth your time and emotion.


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