Why are there people that seem to look happy seeing you failed with your crush?

Seems that my crush got away. Horrible to realize i lost her.
There was this other girl (call her J) that i noticed liked me as well. She also knew about my crush.
J rubbed it in my face today (out of nowhere) that my crush got in a relationship with some guy. J seemed to have some kind of joy in doing so and was giving all kind of details about the guy: tall, handsome, is a director whatever, has a good car. I'm tall and girls say i have the looks, i'm not a director and don't have a car. I feel in no way a loser. I have to admit that it was a tricky situation and it is my fault 100% that i lost. She seemed interested at some point...

Question is:
Why was J acting like that. Shouldn't love be that you are happy for the person though they might like someone else?


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  • Many people are glad of other people's misfortunes. It's just the way it is.


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  • Because they like your crush


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  • becuz they like it


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