How to deal with my lying ex after breaking up?

After a long time of finding his behaviour suspicious i finally snapped and went to look for the truth. He made me feel bad if i even questioning a single thing. Found out he was lying and cheating all the time. Broke up with him because of that and made him move out of my place.

When he left he toke his most important things with him and said he would come back later for the rest. That is now 1 month ago. Every time he is supposed to come he cancel it on the day because he feels to bad to face me.

He acts like the world is this cruel place and everyone is against him (yes he didn't thought about the time we were happy together and got mad at him).

I can't move forward because of his shit that is still in my basement. Can't block all contact because i need to organise when he going to pick up his shit (can't sell or destroy his stuff because that's against the law here).

He is still abusing me and lying to me and i can't stop it. Even his ex, which he also cheated with, is chipping in.

Already turned to my friends but they are getting sick of the whole thing already. So i can't talk about it with them. I feel like I'm stuck in shit and I don't know how to get out of this and have nobody to turn to.

Please can someone help me?
That his other ex is texting me is kinda my fault as i asked her for the truth.
It's not legal here to destroy/sell/trow out possession of your ex's stuff. It's a lengthy battle if you wish to get rid of it legally (read lots of months and even then you need proof that you did everything).


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  • ok ! it is a case of harassment. You can actually contact the police and ask for help. Next time he comes in try to record what he says. You are strong enough to not get suppressed remember that. Don't lose hope. Call the police. A case of verbal harassment is an offence. Please do that and take care

    • The thing is he moved back to his parent's place and i haven't seen him since. He just texts me.
      That said, it's harassment. Making me feel sorry, while he is fucking everything up.

    • well it doesn't matter if he moved back to his shell. He messes up, you call the police! His text abuse are also evidence in court ok? You can take it up to the court and get him penalized for his actions. You should not lose hope and buckle buddy and take stern actions against this uncouth. You deserve better.

    • , I know the law is strict with material possessions, if you throw them without prior notice you will be penalized, so just file for harassment!

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  • You should tell him that u will pack his stuff and leave it outside. Let him know about it so that he can come and pick it up and leave it as that

    • It is already packed and stored in my basement and he knows about it already.
      Can't do it as it's against the law to trow/sell/destroy possession which belong to your ex.

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  • Throw it away. He hasn't made any effort just throw it out

    • Well as i kinda already said, it's against the law here to do that. Need to wait a time (let's say 2-3 months) and need to have proof that i tried to get him to pick up his stuff (like letter which he needs to sign for). After the "proof" i need to wait again a month or 2 before i can legally sell or destroy his stuff.

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    • It's about 4full moving boxes full of stuff. So that's not an option. And also his parent's place isn't around the corner.

      He was registered on my adress so he got proof.

    • Beside that he has proof his stuff is here, i need to have proof i did everything i could to get him to pick it up.

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  • tell your parents or someone you trust, get away from him asap

    • I already kicked him out of my house. I just can't block him because of his stuff.

      As i already said people are getting sick of my constant struggle with him.

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