Is my ex boyfriend trying to make me jealous?

So my ex boyfriend of nearly 3 years acts like he hates me. But yet still comes to the same church I attend. I sing in the choir and he sits in the back and just stares at me looking all depressed. So here lately after church we have to go out infront of the church and form a big line and hold hands with each other and take a few steps. Well he goes to the other end and holds hand with this girl who has been after him (she has 2 kids and a boyfriend) but yet be's looking up to where I'm at. (People from church tell me because I try to avoid him) But yet when a man hugs or talks to me he gets all mad. Advice please! We've been broke up almost 2 months and I've tried calling him a few times one evening but he ignored my calls and I ain't tried since.
Is my ex boyfriend trying to make me jealous?
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