Is it time to give up on him?

I don't usually chase somebody after a relationship has ended, I usually move on and don't look back. But this relationship felt different from anything else so I have really tried. We were extremely close for two years, being each other's rocks, talking 24/7 endlessly enjoying each other's company, we got along amazingly. He loved me for those two years and eventually we started dating for 9 months and it was going well.

We both had scars from previous relationships, I had been in an abusive relationship and I was scared to show too much care and love because I was always shouted at for being 'clingy' so I hid a lot of emotions in this relationship at the start. I didn't want to scare him off. All of his exes had cheated on him or ditched him after years, he was scared I would do the same. I felt him pulling away from me, we began to argue. I was trying so hard by this point to show my care for him but he just was adamant I didn't love him and would leave him so he wanted to push me away so it hurt less.

we ended it two weeks ago. I tried to fight it & he told me not to contact him & he will contact me when he's ready and unfollowed all of my social media. He then posted a poem about me being his weakness, a few days later started liking my posts even though he wasn't following & finally two days ago messaging me saying he misses me & our conversations, wants me in his life & he feels horrible. He asked to be friends and I responded a day later (after thinking about it) saying yes. He responded today politely & then blocked me again. I text & he told me I never paid an interest in him, I never loved him, I only tried after he mentioned it, blaming it on me. I kept offering solutions and saying anything can be fixed. He's forgotten all of the times he ignored me or said something rude or how he went from my best friend to treating me bad. I told him the option is there to talk to me & fix it and to consider it, then ended the conversation. Is it time to give up?


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  • it's only been 2 weeks post break up - you sound super rational and i applaud you. however, he's not. sounds like he's just going through a million emotions right now. you can see that with him blocking/unfollowing/liking. with his history, it makes sense that he's confused. you probably mean a lot to him which adds to his confusion. if you see a future with him and happiness with him, i wouldn't give up yet. you both should take some space to sort things out, then come back and have a conversation. by then, he'll be able to listen to your concerns and you can decide if you want to stay or go from there


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  • I don't think you should give up just yet. Maybe step back for a while, no contact to try to clear your head. Emotions are running high right now, so just sit back for a while. I don't think he's done with you just yet...

  • hmm I wouldn't say give up if you really like this guy but just think about it, instead of arguing with you why doesn't he just listen to you and try to sort it out, and cmon unfollowing you and blocking you? and then randomly liking your posts out of nowhere that's a bit scary lmao, he might just be one of those insecure guys because of his past and you need to stop hiding your emotions and fully explain how you feel to him.

  • Girl, just move on. My boyfriend broke up with me recently and told me to give him space to think if he'll take me back but he still wanted to have sex with him and I told him you either know you'll take me back or let's just leave it. He said he didn't feel the same way about me and he said it wasn't going to work out smh. I gave up. I love him so much. Men are confusing


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