How do you get over heartbreak?

I was talking to this guy (a coworker) and mutual feelings were involved. We liked each other and we both knew that, but we were both so busy and never really got to go out or anything, so we were friends even though we had those feelings. He then started hanging out with another girl, who also worked with us. They started hanging around each other a lot, and I'm not too find of her because she tends to sleep around. I didn't know if he was doing anything with her or liked her, but I assumed. He also went back home for the summer and we've only spoken once or twice in a month. If he cared about me he'd talk to me right? And I'm too afraid to know if anything is going on between him and the other girl. But I've been heartbroken because I really liked him and I feel hurt that he left without saying bye, hung out with her his last 2 days before he left, and hasn't even been trying to talk to me. He even showed up to work with her one morning, in her car and she wasn't even scheduled to work. She also showered at our work bathroom, and he has his own car, so I expected the worst that morning. He comes back in 2 months and we still have to work together, and the other girl no longer works with us, so she isn't in the picture. But it'll be so awkward now and I don't wanna see him. I'm scared to know if anything happened with him and her, and my heart is heavy. How can I get over him?
How do you get over heartbreak?
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