Can't get past his infidelity?

My husband and I have been together for 6 years married for 3 were still young I'm 23 he's 25. At the beginning of our relationship he cheated on me with his ex we were only daying for a couple weeks but he came to me and apologized and begged for me to give him another chance so I did and we were doing great! Two years ago we had a little boy and my life changed after that I wasn't his fun party wife anymore I turned in a mom that life style wasn't me anymore at first it didn't bother him but then it started to he started acting weird always seem mad at me for some reason nothing I did was right he would always pick a fight he was leaving for work early and coming home late he started dressing better so I went through the phone bill and saw A number I didn't know I call it turns out to be a girl named Hannah so I flipped out on him even though they said they were only friends and nothing happened "she was married too" I left I was gone for two months and he would come over everyday to my dads house to see our son he says but the whole time he would be with me I saw more of him when we were separated then when we were together I was beyond confused and heartbroken so when he asked me to come home I did. I just recently found out he was talking to 3 girls while we were separated! I'm so shocked my world was falling apart and he was out partying it up with other girls! I just can't get over this one he started talking to two days after I left I was barely out the door and he was already finding other people! I just don't understand how could he do this to our family. When we were separated I was a mess i couldn't sleep eat all I did was cry I was pretty pathetic I tried going out one night and ended up in the bathroom crying now I feel so stupid because I would cry to him and he acted like he cared but yet the whole time he was with other women! One even came to our house! I just can't let this go! I don't think I can be with him anymore.
Can't get past his infidelity?
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