Not important enough to him anymore - was this a good action?

We ended things after 10 months, not really a break up just an ending.

We met up recently after not seeing each other for a while. He clearly still had feelings/attraction to me but we kept it friendly and had an amazing time.

He has now gone back to not messaging me and I just wonder how someone can just stop messaging when they used to message everyday?
Especially when you can still have such a good time in person?

I had been acting a bit needy over the last few days, trying to force him back to talking to me. So I sent a message saying "I will always be here for you if you need a friend. Have a good time back at uni and don't be a stranger x"

He was having a bad time right then but he still replied with "Thanks _____ x"

So now i'm just going to leave it. I want to be his friend again. I want to be important again. Honestly i want to be back with him but he is enjoying the single life and has others he messages everyday instead. I hate not being needed.


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  • it's definitely an internal struggle to not have the feeling reciprocated. it looks like you two are on good terms and it was a good idea to leave a nice message and not push it too far. now you just have to wait. if he wants to be your friend, he'll come around. until then, just send nice messages to him every once in a while to let him know you're still around and open to conversation. good luck to you!


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  • You two ended things :P
    And now you want it to get started again.
    Make up your mind. In or out?
    He certainly has made up his mind.


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  • Looks like he's moving on. Time to do the same.


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