Ex broke up with me , how do I react?

She broke up with me.

She keeps coming to my hangout spots. I don't know if knows that where I hang out. Saw me with another girl. So the next time she brought a guy and kissed him in front of me, as if she didn't see me then. It was so obvious.

at other times she would keep walking around me, I would be cool and chat with her. We hug and smile but go on socializing with other people.

I don't know what's her deal.


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  • For some reason our culture has this thing about "winning" a break up. It's seen as a weakness to show any emotion. Somehow we feel the need to more fine about the break up than them.
    If her behavior bothers you so much, I would guess that you still have feeling for her of some kind (good or bad). If she made a point of bringing a guy, I would guess that she has some feeling too. it seems like a way to convince ourselves that we aren't the pathetic one still clinging onto something that's over.


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  • Ignore her dude! She is messing around you, Just plainly ignore. Stay away from her and you save yourself from that kind of crap.


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  • Dude ignore the shit outta her.

    I'm a girl and I can tell her your deal. She broke up with you and she is basically trying to flaunt her good shit in front of you to show you what you lost and the fact that you are with another girl makes her pissed and she doesn't want you to move on.

    Talk with her in a social and polite manner, but if you don't have to, then don't. Girls are horrifying.

    I'm aromantic but I still understand romantic relationships and how they work. I've given enough relationship advice and I've dealt with this situation before.

    Just try not to show her you are interested in any way. Do not check her out (even if she's attractive), avoid eye contact and physical contact.

    Literally be apathetic towards her.

    Hope this helps.

  • she broke up with you, that's on her. you keep doing you because she sounds insecure/jealous


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