Will she want a serious relationship?

So I met this girl a month ago. We met at a concert. She approached me and we talked. she kept asking me if I had a girlfriend but she would say, I'm not asking because I'm interested. She even told me that she only wanted to be friends. Her explanation was because she had just came out of a 5 year relation. We went to 2 other concerts after that. and text a few times with her always starting the conversation. she's super down to earth cute and simple. well just 2 days ago we where sitting in the car listening to music, she reached towards me and kissed my cheek and held my hand. Later we started making out for an hour and she sat on my lap but didn't want to do it. All this while we where both sober. My question is what might have changed her mind even when we both agreed to be friends? Does she want a relation?
Will she want a serious relationship?
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