Snapchat etiquette with my ex?

We ended things but decided to remain friends.

He always sends me snapchats, but just general ones because we are on each others best friends list.
I reply to about every 1 in 2 but then he won't respond.

How do we snapchat etiquette? I still want to remain in his life. Should I be replying or ignore them? Should I just send my own general ones back instead? I want to be interesting too!


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  • If you are single then what you are doing now is fine. But if you are with someone else or want to be serious with someone else in the future, you shouldn't reply.


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  • Move on. You won't have any healthy relationships with your ex still in your life. Unless you share a kid. There is no reasons to be friends. Exes are exes for a reason.

  • Why do you want to remain in his life?


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