Is he two timing via social networking?

I met my boyfriend of 3 months on a social networking site. He calls and texts and is really nice. But because I have been hurt in the past, I can't help thinking could he be two timing me.

A girl keeps on sending him intimate tags, and tags thanking him for comments. Although he has mentioned that she does send him things and he has her number. He does not post on my page anymore, I can't help thinking is he cheating. Yet if I don't call or text he panics after a day or so. Should I ask him outright?


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  • You're rationalizing the fact that a random friend online sending him tags, him not commenting you online, and your previous past; as him cheating on you?

    - That's a false assumption.

    What's more than likely:

    - You haven't overcome your past (neither has he)

    - He is just being a friend with her. I have many friends, he does, you do.. we all do.

    - He would rather talk with you in person, than leaving messages etc.

    The guy already calls and texts you often, it's more likely that you have won him over and that you are overanalyzing the situation because you don't want to be hurt again... It's all reasonable.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Hey thanks for your feedback, Your answer seems 100% right... I just don't want the past spoil the future, or get hurt. I need to get over my past, otherwise it will hold me back, and spoil things. thanks

    • You're perfectly fine, I've done a similar thing (holding my past against my future).. It's great to try and overcome it, but some things need more effort and time to heal than others. Let it heal at a pace your comfortable with ;)

    • Thanks

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  • Looks like he want to have his cake and eat it to, he's stringing you along, could be a player, find out about his past relationships did he cheat on his previous partners if yes then that's what he is like.

    • He said he was with his last girlfriend for a year. I do trust him, but there is something there that tells me be on your guard, don't know if I'm bringing in my hurt in the past...

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