When my mom was younger she tried getting back with her first love and he didn't want her back so will the same thing happen to me if I tried it?

If I tried getting back with my first love will the same thing happen to me because it happened to my mom. But her first love had kids with another woman and chose to go back with her baby mama but my first love doesn't have any kids and I'm actually his first love also so would that make my situation different? And will my ex not want me back also?


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  • What I wanted at 13-16, is Not... What I would Now as my "First Love."
    It took me years to get over him, no Matter who I Dated and Mated.. However when I had a Night of passion before he Ended up Tying the knot, it was Not so Magical a Memory Anymore... Now just a Memory.
    In your on Sticky Situation, it has to be your own Heart still from the Start that will Determine if it is Worth another Try with this Guy and if you Feel.. He might bite.
    Good luck. xx


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  • It might. However, people change through the years and you might find
    that you don't want them back.


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  • That's obviously different... shit like that isn't genetic... OBVIOUSLY

  • you won't know til you see for yourself


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