No idea what I should do but I miss him so much?

I have been with a guy for five years and we have always been close. Frequently gets me flowers and everyone thinks we are cute together. We started looking at houses and it was all going well. He was getting quite into the idea of buying somewhere, he then found out his job might be at risk at work and started shutting me out and said he didn't know if he wanted to be with me anymore. He is away for work pretty much constantly so we have drifted abit recently but I do feel it is possible to save. He said that he doesn't have the fight in him anymore to bother and he doesn't know how he feels. This is when we was about to buy a house and put an offer down. He kept changing how he felt and I said on the phone does he want me to break up with him as he doesn't know how and he said no. But he wasn't showing me he wanted to be with me just kept saying he didn't know. He had just received a job update which confused him abit and we put down an offer on a house which we planned to pull out of should he lose his job. Anyway, on that call I said maybe we should break up as he clearly didn't know how he felt so looks like he needed space to do that. He just kept saying I dunno and crying. So I said I hope the redundancy thing goes well and I am here if he wants to chat but it sounded like he just wanted space rather than me annoying him as he was pushing me away.
I messaged him a few times - ok a few times every other day since. No replies.
I contacted his parents via email as he lives with them and bottles stuff up and explained I am worried. Apparently he is clamming up but won't say why and is just saying I won't be around for a while as I am studying. I deleted his number and have no way of getting it back. I am really heartbroken as I didn't want to split but didn't want him unhappy either. What do I do?

No idea what I should do but I miss him so much?
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