How do I know I truly accpeted a break up? and js dating someone 2-3 months after a break up a good way to heal your heart or mass the pain?

So almost over a year ago i want through a nasty forced break up with my ex that broke me.. she just cried for weeks and didn't even try standing up to her parents, then someone better come along like 2 or 3 months then i was treated more then poorly lots of back and 4 crying. But anyway i thought i was 100% over this becuase i took a year off from dating but for the first time ever i got to see her up close and it just fucked up my day for 2 4 hours lucky she didn't see me. I belive my ex girlfriend is still with her new boyfriend I don't know thought it was gonna be a rebound but clearly not and am meeting with a friend tm too talk about weather or not we feel its a smart idea for us to date since we act like a couple. I have dated 1 other person since my break up with my ex girlfriend but it failed becuase she cheat& was a 100% bitch but we still talk every now and then. I did care about this girl but didn't love her it was my first real relationship and i felt maybe my ex girlfriend was blocking me from having feels for this girl but it just wasn't there you know what i mean? now with my new friend that i use to work with i can feel something their. I have accept me and my ex are not getting back together along time ago.. my house burned down and the new house is right by her. I just really wasn't expecting to see my ex girlfriend today or her sisfer


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  • I don't think you've fully moved on yet.

    • How do u know?

    • I did known my ex for 7 years before dating so we got hisory.. she first my first girlfriend. Since them i have only had 1 another girlfriend and maybe a 3rd girlfriend but idl yet we talked and it ended no where

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