Can a rebound relationship last along time? and if you do rush into a new relatiomship with someone new how can you make sure it won't end bad?

It seem the begining of my ex girlfriend rebound was bad and she said she felt like a bootycall with him but she still with him till this day. He has everything i didn't have back then a car&college so her parents give her freedom with him they can go on dates alone while we couldnt even live her living room.. but some how we made it work for 1 year I don't know how. I thought she loved me i bumped into her today and am not 2rd guesting if am really really ready to date agin. Aug 25 will make it 2 years since our break up i known my ex since the oth grade and she been with the new guy for alil over a year i think Christmas or hallween will make it 2 years which is a new recored for her. Am only asking this girls becuase i really thought she loved me becuase of her words& past actions and I don't know now if am ready to date. I have spoke to a few girls who have been forced to break up with their boyfriend some regert too this day and some said i do what my parents what me too so no i dont regert. Her parents were pretty mucb 90% of all of our problems the girl i like now is very cool& sweet a bitch but sweet now I don't know if ak ready to date her we are talking today and my new house is right by my ex girlfriend house so ill be seeing her a lot sadly.


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  • Hmm... It depends on the situation. If you felt deeply for your ex, it will take a while for you to be emotionally available. If it's not too deep, and you found someone better, it will open up your heart.

    • Will am dating someone new agin as of tday and she cool

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