I need advice please... Why is this happening still?

I was with a guy for a while things were amazing and we adored eachother... Things ended on bad terms. But we soon got talking again and the feelings were still exactly the same, but this time he didn't want a relationship so I said I'd rather just be friends than get disappointed when I get more feelings... After this he didn't have a second of time for me... We booked to go and see a show together this month.. And after everything we decided to go, even after him saying he didn't think he could as it would be sad. We went it was great the feelings were still there, and during the show he held my hand, I know I love him but I let go... I think he's with someone new now but he wouldn't stop looking at me and he says I give him massive panic attack and make him nervous whys this? If he's got someone new?


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  • sorry for what you've been through.
    that guy intentions are unclear. he misses and care... but doesn't want a relationship... and by the end of the he came and told you that you gave him massive panic attack and made him nervous? you the one who should nervous, bot him.
    feeling nervous at this point of the relationship mean he can't give his full attention to the other person... which make him more nervous.

    whether there was someone else in his life or not... you should be more selfish about your feelings too... cuz waiting to be the chosen one again in that relationship will wast your time and will consume all your feelings.
    always be the strongest and choose what make you happy.

    Good luck.


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  • He Obviously has Not Forgotten the His and Her History with wha tyou both had Shared, @Robs1 Nor has he Gotten... Over 'We adored each other.
    It's strange that with this most Magical Chemistry that he now has a Newbie. However, with a little Flirting and Hand Holding,' he may want his Sweet cake and Eat it Two by Being with her And... You on as his Side dish.
    Good, you not only 'I let go,' but He now Knows... You are no one's Fool with a Drool.
    Good luck. xx


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  • maybe you aren't exactly the same like you think. some things can't be undone. and a bad breakup is difficult to overcome. maybe you should talk to him and ask him directly what's up. but for me it sounds like you are really on the same wavelength anymore :/

  • He probably still cares and have feelings for you even if he has somebody new. He probably misses you.

  • Only the time will show up.


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