Didn't delete any of his exes but me?

I broke up with my ex 3+ months ago. No fights, no drama. Basically, it was kinda mutual decision since we both knew that we're way too different to be together. Now I'm in a perfect relationship and can't be any happier.
What I noticed, though, is that my ex started deleting me from his friends list from every social one by one even though we agreed that we will kinda stay in contact. Alright, whatever, I understand why he does that and I'm totally ok with it but I realized one thing: he has always had his 2 other exes in his friends list on all socials. He is still friends even with the ex he has broken up with 2.5 years before we got into a relationship. He never deleted any of them but he deleted me from everywhere we could find me. It just made me wondering why is that?


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  • He is most likely a process of him getting over you, or someone is doing it for him. I had a female friend guide me through a break up, and made me do a few things to help.


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  • Probably as doesn't want to see you with your new boyfriend or he just gets on with them more


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