Still a couple of issues with moving on?

So my girlfriend recently broke up with me after only two weeks of being together, I know not a long time but still. I confronted her about the break up and why it happened. She told me that it was 90% her and not me. Sounds like she is dealing with a lot of stress, and with the possibility of me leaving my home for a well paying job, she didn't want to lose me, so she strayed away before the possibility of that would happen. The way she handled it could have been much better or smoother. We decided to stay friends but she said we are a little more then just friends, we both still have feelings for each other (Not quite sure what to make of that i guess). When I asked her if she was seeing anyone else, she said maybe she is not quite sure what she is doing. She is living with friends and a guy I guess she may have a thing for but she doesn't know yet She said maybe someday she would like to pick up were we left off but as of now, not now. I guess my thing is this, ya we are still "Closer" friends, but at the end of the day, it still feels like I lost. She is seeing if there is a connection with this guy and we are still friends but, all I am to her just a friend. I feel better and have more close peace of mind about what happened, but I am still finding trouble to move on. I am glad to be her friend but I still have the hope in the back of my mind, that we will get back together. I am trying to move on from these thoughts. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Any suggestions? ?
Still a couple of issues with moving on?
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