Why would a wife cheat on her loving and loyal husband?

I just read a post by an anonymous married lady, and she claimed she once was unfaithful to her husband. Women like that actually scare me and make me hesitate when it comes to marriage. I'm 24 so I'm at around that age to be concerned about my future (even though I know it will be at least a few years before marriage anyway).

So if a husband was faithful, honorable, loving, and respectful to his wife, why would a woman cheat on him? I don't know if the anonymous lady actually had a loyal and loving husband, but she still cheated on him. Maybe he deserved it and maybe he had it coming (double meaning there), or maybe he didn't deserve it.

Can a woman act on an impulse and ruin a happy marriage, ruin her life, and ruin her husband's life (and possibly her children's lives)? Do married women have any good reasons to cheat on a loyal husband? Are women that stupid?

If you are a married lady and you have cheated on your husband, why did you do it?


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  • Being a faithful husband has EVERYTHING to do with why a wife would cheat on her husband. I don't think people realize what causes men and women to cheat. Society has conditioned people to believe that people cheat for "lust" and "sexual desire" when that's a load of crap.

    The main reason why women cheat is to produce more healthier offspring. The "problem" with being a faithful husband is it proves to the wife that you will offer her a good life to raise children "regardless" if they are his own or not. The main problem lies with the children. If an epidemic were to break out and the husband's DNA was susceptible to it, all of their children will die. And now you have no one left to keep your bloodline going. So to prevent that from happening, a woman's body will then make her go look elsewhere for a stronger mate that obviously has different DNA, but then trick the husband into thinking it is his child and hence if an epidemic were to break out that child would survive and still have been raised good by the husband.

    ALL women have the tendency to cheat. Just as men do. It's the way our species has survived. Society has suppressed that desire enough with social stigma of cheating and divorce and blah blah blah, but that desire is still there. Women just have it harder because as a man I would be PISSED if I found out I was raising another kid that wan't mine. I won't even say what the repercussions would be. That's why men have to constantly indulge and keep their spouses happy because deep down they know there is always a possibility that one of those babies coming out isn't his. It's cuckoldry at its finest. A woman never has to worry about that. Every baby she gives birth to is hers.

    The only way a man can possibly be sure his wife won't cheat is if he has enough resources and money to perhaps heal the child if it gets sick. That's why a lot of wealthy men don't have to worry about their wives cheating. The consequences of getting caught are much to severe. The woman would most likely die poor and the children would die too if they get kicked to the curb. Hence divorce settlements to stop that from happening.

    • I disagree with your logic. When I get married and my wife has a child that is not mine she will get kicked to the curb along with her child that is not mine. I will make it very clear that she better not cheat or bad things will happen to her. Your "regardless" clause in paragraph 2 is false in my case.

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    • HOLY SHIT! That story occurred in Pennsylvania. I hope Texas laws are not the same. I wonder what the men do on Maury's show who find out they are not the father. But anyway your DNA theory is still bullshit. How does a woman know if one man's DNA is inferior?

    • Read the book "Sperm Wars" by Robin Baker. I also recommend the book "The Red Queen Theory" by Matt Ridley. I don't have the time or the patience to explain. All will be explained in those books.

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  • the only simple reason there is she didn't love him anymore maybe she loved him but definitely couldn't of been in love with him because if someone was truly in love with someone they wouldn't cheat

  • Women who cheat on their spouses(similar to men) because or( lack) excitement, passion in their lives. Perhaps they're bored in their marriage or neglected by their husband. Roughly only about 20% of marriages women cheat on their husband. Husband ratio is more. I never cheated on my husband he cheated on me but I can't make assumptions that the next guy will do it to me.

  • I don't think there's such a thing as a good reason to cheat, I don't condone it and I don't do it. Everyone has a different reason for cheating so I'm not sure.

  • I'm not married, nor did I read the post (the mentioned one, I read this one). But no not all women are that stupid, just like not every married man is a complete prince. People do stupid shit.

    I have to believe that if a husband was faithful, loving, caring (blah, blah, blah) the spouse wouldn't cheat. but nothing is ever certain.


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