Ex started putting up insta photos often?

Hi guys
can you help me out here

my ex girlfriend and I broke up a few weeks ago
she said that we could still be friends and we needed space apart
I feel she must still have some sort of feelings for me as a positive relationship got destroyed by things beyond our control

she usually puts up an insta photo once or twice a month
suddebly this week she has put up 3 photos on insta
i liked one of them today and immediately after I liked it she went online on FB messenger (doubt that's a coincidence)

is she trying to get my attention? Is she trying to make me jealous?

what should I do
i still love her


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  • No? Your trying to find reasons for you to contact her. Truth is she probably just liked the photos

  • are they photos of you? If they're just regular photos of her or her life then I don't think she was doing that to get your attention.

    • Oh okay
      They're just photos of her
      I was just surprised as she usually uploads very little in great time intervals

      But my female friends made me get suspicious as they said she may be doing this to get attention

    • nah, unless the photos were somehow related to you then it's not for your attention.

    • Ah okay cheers
      Her friend uploaded a group pic today with a guy she used to see a long time ago next to her

      He has a girlfriend but it still annoyed me

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