Should I get back with my ex? in the future?

i miss my ex very much, he said he loved me an he cares but he keeps giving me miss signals he says we friends , he says just not right now for a relationship but in the future. A part of me still loves him i don't want to move on an its so awkward i have had many relationships and he the one i feel closest too. It was short only 3 months.


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  • Fuck no. That'll be the worst thing you could ever do


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  • It depends on the reasons why the relationship ended

    Personally i'd never go back to an ex. If he didn't fight to make the relationship work the first time , then I'd be concerned that he'd leave again when we faced challenging situation.

    If I was the one who'd left him I'd still never go back to him. I'm not indecisive. Once somethings ended then it's over for good for me. Life is meant to be travelled forwards , not backwards.


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  • No never he's not ready and just wants to keep you there just incase he doesn't find someone else. You don't deserve to be treated in such a way.
    If you have had lots of relationships maybe try to not have any, become truly happy with yourself and then you will attract the right guys.


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