He sorta "broke up with me"?

I've been dating this guy for a year and it became long distance not too long after we met which sucked but we developed such strong feelings for each other we wanna be together in the long run. He's going to be a freshman in college and I will be a junior in HS. He's moving into an apartment right now and has been more busy with his job so we weren't thinking we could end up visiting one another any time soon. He broke up with me because he can't "have a relationship right now", which I get but he's always been soooo against breaking up he'd rather work things out so I was shocked. We both don't actually want to end this we wanna pick things up when he's able to... but my fears are that

i won't be able to talk to him as a friend until we're together cause I'm hurting so bad
it might be in two-ish years when I go to college but maybe by then he won't want to
or because I'm hurting I kinda could come off as rude and he's not wanna talk to me as a friend
He sorta "broke up with me"?
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