How would you feel towards this person who hurt you?

My ex hurt me very much... he gaslighted me, make me feel jealous towards other girls... always saying other girls are attractive and never saying that to me (except in the beginning of our relationship). In the beginning of our relationship he was very caring and always saying I was the most beautiful and intelligent girl he ever met.
He was an angel in the beginning of our relationship but a little bit jealous and controlling. I think I'm a pretty girl, smart, loyal and I was a loving girlfriend. All of his family liked me and they thought I was perfect for him. They thought I was saving him.. but I didn't know from what..

Then I discovered he was a drug addict, sold drugs, involved with gang members, lost all of his money. AND he started mistreating me, talking about how tanned girls are pretty (and I'm white) and never appreciating me. He is very white himself, he has a pretty face but he is very short and he had always problems with that. I believe he has self-steem problems because he was a fat guy and now he is very skinny but he still has love handles and he tries to hide it from everybody.

I was the only person he took his shirt off while having sex because I made him feel loved and accepted. He broke up with me 2 months ago and he texted me 3 weeks ago.. I replied today. But still no answer.


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  • sorry for what happened.
    getting out of that relationship may be painful, but that pain will guide you to the right direction. whatever you did or his family said about you in that relationship... know you're not perfect.
    you gave a lot in that relationship... so thank yourself for that and stop doing the same thing twice.
    you've sacrificed yourself for that person's happiness... it's time to see yourself in the mirror with a positive way.
    cut him off... cuz you can't be with someone that you wish would change.

    • Thanks!
      Do you think it's a waste of time to expect to him to act like he used to act in the beginning of our relationship? That's what I miss :(

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    • He texted me yesterday asking how I was doing but I don't think I should answer... He doesn't make me feel bad to talk to him but I don't want to look weak. He probably just wants to eliminate his guilt

    • Ignorance is the best solution for this guy... cut contact and let him die of jealousy.
      don't make yourself as cigarette... throw you when he's done with you. just be like the sun... beautiful, bright and burn if he try to get you.

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  • He is a Loser, here, dear, Forget him. He has More issues than Just... Gaslighted me.
    This is going to be Nothing but a Full Circle Problem Pattern with him Doing and Selling drugs, being Involved with Thugs and all of the Rest that's Far from the Best. You can do better than him.
    Save yourself and Your own sanity. He will Never Change, he doesn't want to. He is calling on you again to be this Enabler and he knows with all of his Flows and Flaws that you will always be there To... Save him.
    Maybe with 'Still no answer,' God gave me a Chance to give You... The Right Answer.
    If he does Reply, don't Press that Button. Just a 'Button' to More Bogus Bonfires.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you very much, I appreciated your words. :)
      He just texted me saying: how are you doing (my name)?

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    • Yes, good idea and probably Get cozy as he just moseys on through. You deserve better, sweet girl. xx

    • Thank you, dear, for the Vote of Confidence, and hope you are feeling and dealing better. xx

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  • back up, jealous? why's that? did you do something to make him that way? i bet you're not giving him enough reassurance (and follow through) that you're not going to go away.

    • He was jealous because my fb was public and other men could like my pics.. lol
      The only pics I had there of myself was just of my face.

    • so stop that shit, friends suck when they wreck your relationship. don't invite it.

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  • glad he is your ex. :-) time to move on. you can block him. better for you.
    my ex. too. he was very good to me in many ways. we had lots of fun and i can feel his love. but there is something off and he broke up with me. i miss him sometimes and he calls me all the time. i just let things be and move on. i don't feel much from him because i learned that that was a life experience, part of a chapter in my life.
    your ex. was not so good to you. so think of the negatives and being here can help you move on.
    good luck

    • do u answer to your ex when he contacts you?

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    • No lol... But he still shows some negative emotions n I told him to not do that. I m sure he still likes, cares and misses me. but he is no good for me. I m. A Cool friend n moving on. Last time we hung out and he had some drinks n took my hand and kissed the back like he used to. N he did other silly stuff lol
      Anyway. For u. Just move on... It will take some time. Any question u can ask. 😊

    • How long did it take to move on in your case?

  • I think he doesn't worth it!


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