Am I crazy? IS he cheating? Should I dump him?

I'm 20 he's 21 we've been dating for three months, and yes I know it's a short time. We went into it very quickly, and we live an hour away from each other. I don't ask much from him, I don't text him constantly, I never call him and I don't message him on MSN or Facebook or any of that. He ditched me this weekend so he could hang out with a girl he's been hanging out with all week. I haven't seen him for two weeks. Can someone tell me what is going through his mind? OR what I should do? Should I ask or end it?


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  • are you wimp? R you lame? or are you a Sh*t? sorry girl don't mind!

    of course kick him out of ur mind! he's jerk! doent deserve a sweet and sensitive girl like u!

    these people just want sex,relationships are equal to sh*t to them. So girl start dating sum1 else.Trust me don't even think abt him.

    • Some girls have no self esteem, sense of self worth.

    • U are partly correct and partly wrong my friend,people sometimes are unable to judge the correct things even if its the simplest,that doesn't proove dey lack self esteem,these kind of people realize late.

    • It's not a lack of self esteem, it's someone trying to get an opinion from people WAY outside of the situation to see if what they(The person) think is wrong really is wrong.

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  • shady, dump him.

  • Lol, end what he is with her lol, obviously likes hers beter than yours...


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