Your ex dating someone similiar to you?

I wasn't his type when it came to looks. The personality was there, but it just didn't work out. We had an ugly break up. He has always preferred the sexy females where as I, am not one of those. I'm very plain Jane. But now he is dating someone very similiar to me. Even personality wise expect that I am more strong willed where she is more submissive. I find this rather intriguing. What gives? Haha

And have any of you been in a similar situation?


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  • Yeah its weird, one of my ex's never had dated a girl like me or even look like me and his now current is almost like me but not. I guess they found what they liked.. but will go for the next best thing lol.


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  • Human nature, tends to adapt and look for something similar to what was great and best for us does not mater if you are a man or woman.

    I personally tend to avoid this because it backfires in most cases. Still it's funny really it's deeply placed in our tastes, like the food we enjoy or bavarge, either being music taste or movie type.

    Especially lately as my work requires deep studies of human nature and psychology. I tend to see it everywhere. Interesting isn't it.

  • That's a typical psych thing, totally normal


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