Have you ever felt like this? Any advice?

Okay so, long story short, my "kinda ex bf" and I decided to have a "break " from the relationship until we figure some things out.. And we've known each other for nearly a year. But the thing is that I'm confused. Like, I'm not telling him what's in my mind always coz I don't want to bother him with it and make myself appear as clingy or desperate in front of him.. I still want a future with him. I still want him. But I don't know what I should do. He's been telling me lately not to over think things and to let time rule until we see what we will do. But I'm afraid. I'm afraid I will keep holding on to 'us' but that he will let go. I'm afraid that he already sees me as just a best friend... Sometimes I just miss him. But I can't tell him that. I dont want to appear as desperate coz thats gonna drive him away. So the problem is that I'm afraid of what may come in my way... im afraid of MYSELF... Of my feelings... And I'm not able to trust what I'm thinking anymore coz I'm afraid of choosing the wrong thing to do. Did you guys go through this? You have any stories to share?

P. S. Dont call him a jerk or asshole or any other insult coz he is the sweetest guy I EVER met and he still is my best friend. So don't insult him at all. And I would appreciate it if u guys were kind while typing ur opinions. Thanks in advance.
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Guys thanks for the advices you gave me. My "kinda ex bf" and I talked about it coz he saw the question 😅 soooo, its all good now and I know which page he is on. Thanks again 😊
Have you ever felt like this? Any advice?
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