Things you wish men knew about women? Ladies, be honest!

let it all out, and take your time



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  • Directness is hot.

    Cowardliness is not

    I don't care if you or I make the first move , but ANSWER without games if we ask you something -

    Thank You


    • Great answer! I've always wondered though, why do women love it when their man is in charge/control and tells them what to do? (I have no problem about it what so ever, I'm simply wondering) Is it the image of the man being strong and powerful....or something else.....or maybe I'm probably talking rubbish lol

    • Well for me t is about taking charge of your emotions as a human being.

      that does not mean that YOU ar in control of the situation per-se . It means that you do things with confidence & respect for BOTHA of us..

      Like a team, if I am down YOU pick up the slack. If you are down I pick up the slack.

      The control is from respect- not manipulation - I think.

      Accountability for your self & accept me,& expect that I will be accountable for myself & accept you.

      Basically -not being afraid of US.

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  • Exactly like the other girls said. We prefer it when guys make the first move and let us know if they want to be friends or more than that. Be honest about your feelings and don't hide them and talk without playing games.

  • We like it when you make all the first moves.

    We like when your more direct on were you stand in the relationship. Just friends or do you want to be more then that?


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