What are some reasons you'd end a relationship with your SO?


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  • Making me second priority.

    • For everything else, my love for my better half is unconditional except for that one particular aspect.

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  • The main reasons would be:

    If I was the only one making an effort to make the relationship work
    Not respecting my boundaries
    Inconsiderate to my feelings
    Not willing compromise or make sacrifices

    To me , love is about communication, compromise and sacrifices. So if I was the only one making sacrifices and considering my SO's feelings and boundaries and he wasn't , then it would pointless being together , because it'd mean the love wasn't mutual.

    I have so much love to give , but I need to be with a guy who will give me as much love I'll give him.


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  • If he cheats and lies, if he doesn't get along with my friends and family and if he can't satisfy me whenever we have sex.


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