My boyfriend is not talking to me for 3 days now what's going on?

My boyfriend is not talking to me for 3 days now what's going on? So my boyfriend and I had a fight where he called me babe twice and I replied "what " in a kinda harsh tone although I didn't mean anything. Few minutes later he came into the room so pissed and angry he said " I called you babe twice and all you could say was what" he also said "if you see me next time don't say hi " I was shocked so I left to my place although I felt awful for replying him with the "what " because not everyone likes the word so when I got back home I sent him a text apologizing for everything then he replied with " go and learn respect by then you would have a boyfriend " I was scared has he broken up with me? And he recently posted a picture on his wall with a quote " when a relationship is ordained by God you don't need to force it to work " what does this mean?


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  • he's just acting up, it will be over soon. he just got angry and not appreciate him. if your looking for a quick fix try to go up to him, dont text him. but DONT BEG if he is still moody, just give him time or make Him feel bad that would change his mood

  • fuck... I dont talk to my girlfriend for weeks... and then I just text her and fuck


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