Ex's friends have been trying to contact me?

I'm currently 18, but I got involved with a 24 year old guy when I was 17, and I don't want to get into everything that happened since I already posted about it, so I figure I'll just link it below. But ever since then, his friends have been inviting me to parties or trying to message me themselves. It's nothing excessive and I just ignore them, and have decided to deactivate my Facebook a few times. I'm not sure if they're doing it in spite of him or for him, or are just looking for girls to bring to parties and stuff. I don't drink or do anything like that and I have no interest to, but since things with us ended I've been in a really good place and am not sure how to really handle this.


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  • The best thing to do is to reply to them and say "I have moved on from that relationship and I really don't want to have any contact with Jim [or whatever his name is] or anyone who has contact with Jim. I know you'll understand that I must do what is best for me in this matter and my decision is not based upon any feelings that I have towards you or any of Jim's other friends. Thanks for understanding."

    • Thank you. I'm not really sure that's why they're contacting me, but I have a pretty good idea that he is the reason. I'll try that though.

What Girls Said 1

  • Is this not normal behavior for them? When you were still with your ex, did you get invited to things as well? Would you consider them your friends? Or just your ex's friends?

    • I never actually met these ones in person. After the police got a hold of him and he lost his job, he told them all a bunch of made up lies (which the police got via his phone records and Facebook messenges) and his new girlfriend and girls he'd been seeing started threatening me and calling me to leave nasty messages until I changed my number and reported them for harassment. The friends of his that I did meet were ones I had already known or been familiar with.

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