Will he ever regret it? Is it time to just give up?

I dont usually chase a guy after its ended, but this guy was different & truly we got along incredibly, were able to talk & spend time with each other for long periods of time without boredom. He was my closest friend for two years however he liked me since he met me, after a year he told me, chased me for another year before we started dating for 9 months.

Throughout knowing each other we changed & influenced a lot. I run a business, it inspired him to go back to college, get qualifications, focus on a career & now he's doing really well when before he didn't have any care. He kept me focused, believed in me to achieve my dreams. Overall we both made each other better people personality-wise too. He told me I've changed his life & he appreciates it. Except we both had bad relationships previously, all of his exes cheated on him or ditched him, I was in an abusive relationship & scared to show I care too much. So I tried to play it cool, not come across too interested or in love. We fell apart. He was scared I would cheat on him, that I could do better & would ditch him. I tried to show him how in love with him I was but he was adamant I didn't love him or pay an interest & when I did he said its because he's mentioned it. He told me not to contact him until he's ready.

For two weeks he wrote nice poems about me, liked my posts on Instagram even though he isn't following me, before contacting me to tell me he misses me and us, he feels bad for being horrible, he wants me in his life even if it's as friends, I responded after thinking about it and said yes. He responded politely before blocking me again, so I text him and he told me that I didn't pay an interest nor care no matter what I say. I said if he wants to meet up and talk sometime, I am available & ended the conversation.

What do I do? He's just shut down. We both did things wrong but should I just give it time? Its only been three weeks. We got along amazingly & even planned a future. Will he regret things?


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  • Just move on


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