What would you think about a text like this and what would you do?

My ex of 4yrs text me last night. We have been apart for a number of months. He broke it off with me, he has dated a little and it never went well for him. We have gone NC a couple of times, with him always contacting me wanting to talk. We now talk a couple times a week with him always making the first contact. So late last night he asked "So I gotta ask do you feel empty and hollow inside" and followed it up with "I guess I'm just used to being next to someone and its weird now". I told him "It will get easier. I still miss it sometimes too". After that I found out that he did something totally not in his character. I would say he is kinda depressed.

So I am trying to figure out what could be on his mind, he is not the type to tell me even if I asked so I am trying to get a little insight. I still do love him very much and would consider working things out but after he told me he was no longer in love with me anymore I thought it was the end so I started working on myself to move on with my life. In recent messages to each other I have made it clear that I was over him. Could he be regretting the breakup? Is he looking to possibly get back together?

I could really use some advise before I start getting my hopes up...


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  • I think you should still move on. I don't think he wants to get back together but is feeling lonely and is contacting you, because he knows you can be there for him as a friend only.

  • When my ex's reach out to me and they try to get back together with me, I always think of why we broke up and how he was as a boyfriend...which explains why he is an ex LOL. Sounds like your ex is just lonely and apparently doesn't do quite well single. Believe it or not, some men are like that...they just can't be alone/single. I really don't know why you are keeping in touch with him as much as you are, unless you are interested in getting back with him yourself. It's in our nature as women to nurture, so it sounds like you are nurturing your ex, but I feel like you are enabling helping him and/or yourself by keeping in touch with him so much. IF you are interested in getting back him then do it. IF you are NOT interested in getting back with him then you gotta discontinue the constant communication with him. Not necessarily shut him off completely but do as you said you were doing and go on with your life.

    Wish you all the best! Have a great weekend!

    • I would love to get back together with him, I'm just not sure if that is what is on his mind. Some of the signs says yes and others are no. Our breakup was 95% my fault. I broke his trust not by cheating but repeatedly lying and withdrawing. I realized I had a problem and started going to therapy. I now know why I did what I did and have been working hard on changing and he is seeing this. I'm just confused with the signals he is giving but not getting my hopes up.

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