After a year and a half long relationship, I can't stand the thought of her new man, having sex with her. The woman I still love. Is this normal?

It drives me crazy thinking about it. Am I seriously nuts? Did I get possessive? How do I get over it?


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  • of course it's normal. Time will help you get over it. I've been with my ex on and off for 8 months... Still can't bear the thought of him being with other girls, it still feels like he's betraying what we had. You'll get over it when you find yourself a new lover.

    • how long has it been since you two broke up btw? It's been 3 months for me.

    • About 3 months also. Caught her new boyfriend hiding in her shower.

    • I'm so sorry :( that really sucks... people often suck, but it's not anyone's fault, that's just life. People get bored in relationships, take comfort in the fact that this happened now, rather than if you got married or had kids together. Imagine

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  • You reminded me of that song "Exit wounds" by Placebo lol... you're still in love? or maybe you're just taking the break up very hard. I hope you'll get over it soon.

    • Thank you, I hope I do too

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  • Dude, you are way too old to be jealous. You must think you are some kind of loser to be so insecure with yourself.

    About 10 years ago, I had sex with this 22 yo girl I met who was working at a mall, kinda cute. I found out she later did one of those amateur porn, fake casting videos, you know, where the girl does it once then disappears. I tracked it down, and got a copy of it. She was clearly not enjoying herself and the guy wasn't treating her very well. But the point is, I can watch her having sex anytime I wish.


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