Why did he try to get some girl to fight me? Who is wrong here?

My ex was trying to make me jealous with one of his friends who I know is married and totally irrelevant by buying her ice cream. Because I've been ignoring and other things. So I showed up like a psycho to the front of his house and we started arguing we threw drinks at each other and kept it moving. It got bad when he was with his friends and decided to tell them everything and begin to insult me over the phone and tell me I was nothing to him and to back off and how he was gonna get this same girl to fight me. I was like wtf, he lied about her being his girlfriend just to get me upset from before? Wtf? So two days later he calls me and hangs up. What is wrong with him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • The better question is why are you having anything to do with an ex?

    • Because we were still trying to work things out

    • Give it up. It'll never work. Exes need to stay exes. You'll only breakup again for much of the same reasons. You will not remain friends either. You're wasting your time

What Girls Said 1

  • To be fair you saying it didn't bother you then showing up at his house is crazy in itself

    • I never said that it didn't bother me I said I knew the girl was irrelevant but him trying to make me jealous intentionally is what Made me upset

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    • I know I shouldn't have lol but he shouldn't have reacted like that either

    • Men are childish though haha clearly he just wanted a reaction which you gave to him

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