I need some relationship advice, the girl I loved just lost feelings for me without an explanation. I need advice maybe to why she did?

Okay so one day my girlfriend of 10 months and I were doing. I'd see her on average 3 times a week. She seemed so clinged to me she always wanted to see me she'd get jealous of me even talking to a girl at school. I'd still hangout with my friends and she really focused on school a whole lot. So she rarely would hangout with friends. Then one day she made friends with these two girls. That's when I noticed her "change" she became more distant and would be so quick to say bye to me when she made plans with them. When we used to sit for 15 minutes talking after school cause neither of us wanted to say bye. She'd completely put me off if I were with her and her friends. I mean she would talk to me but she'd make quick convo and focus attention back to them. When she would hangout with them she'd rarely text me at all. But if she was alone she'd text me all the time. I'm certain that her friends made us breakup. They wouldn't say "break up with him" but little comments probably. Just ever since she met them it all changed. She tried harder to make plans with them than me. I would try so hard to keep her interested, buy her Starbucks, go to movies, dinner, long drives, star gazing, but it didn't work. She just one day told me "I feel like we're growing apart, some days I feel like I love you and want you, but other days I question it. I've never lost feelings for you 100%" the day we broke up she was with those friends. I just feel like they subconsciously got to her they made her miss being single. One of her friends likes every picture of mine and I've just always had a bad feeling about her. I confronted her about her changing when she met her friends. She admitted she subconsciously wondered what it'd be like to be single again. She said it's not fair for you since you've always been there and they came into my life after. I'm sad about the breakup, but also mad she chose them over me. I want her back yet I dont. She never gave me a reason to why she lost feelings?
Do you guys think she'll come back?


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  • She wants other people!!! And her friends are probably peer pressuring into that also. I'm sure if she did not have those types of friends, you and her would still be together. She is distracting herself from you. Once she loses those friends I'm sure she will come running back, but sounds like to me you need/deserve better than her.

    • That's what I was thinking... I just didn't want to believe it. Thank you

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  • She got away cause you allowed it. I am in the same situation with the "clingy" girlfriend but having a clingy girlfriend means she loves you. You could of completely av


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  • It sounds like high school bullshit. Maybe she wanted to do things with those girls that you wouldn't be cool with. Like go to clubs, flirt with guys etc.

  • Probably missed being single and they didn't approve

    • What do you mean they didn't approve?

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    • Makes sense. They were most likely jealous of the relationship they couldn't have. Most of their relationships never even lasted past a month 😂

    • Exactly. So wouldn't take it that she did it for anything you did. Girls are just like that

  • Just let it go


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