My girlfriend recently found out I had told my ex some things that appeared disloyal, How can I fix this?

March the 2 I had talked to my ex over MySpace I told her I loved her in Spanish but meant it in a friendly way and I also asked for a picture of her because I had not seen her in months since she moved out of my city. My girlfriend got on my myspace to change my status and read through my messages and found out she believes that now I still have feelings for my ex which I truthfully do not I believe I love my girlfriend she could be the one and I don't want to lose her. Please help if you can


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  • Has she broken up with you?

    If not, there's still a LOT of hope.

    She's probably really upset though, I know I would be. The best thing you can do is just to keep telling her that you're not into your ex girlfriend at all.

    Although, maybe explain to your ex how your girlfriend feels and cut down the contact for a while, and definitely don't tell her you love her again--in any language.

    The best thing you can do is just to show her you love her and that she's the only one in your life.

    She'll forgive you in time.


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