Why did you cheat?

I was cheated on and even though we weren't together for that long and we had our issues, it broke my heart. I still miss him and I'm so conflicted and I want him back so badly and I hate myself for it. I tried my best to be whatever he needed me to be and he always said that he had never felt so good about himself as when he was with me. I want to know why he would cheat on me and to figure that out I'd like to know why you cheated on your significant other. Thanks :)


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  • when you change in relationship to become a different person for the one you loved... know this is a bad sign and proof that you're in wrong relationship. who really loves you... would love to see you behave as you are (not begging on your knees).
    what's happened has happened, continue trying to know the reasons won't change anything.
    the problem is you don't want to learn from your mistakes and you want keep doing the same thing... which going to feeds your negative feelings and will make you hate yourself more.
    that person's message was clear ( I cheated on u)... you've to see things in a different way to recognize what's wrong and what's right.
    stop looking for answers with excuses and look for a way to prevent that mistake from happening again.
    at least you still have a chance.
    Good luck...


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  • You may never figure out the reason why if you hadn't ask, but most of the time it has nothing to do with you and sometimes it does, however he was thinking about himself, and if he wasn't getting something from you, he didn't mention it so how were you to know. He wanted it all, he wanted to have his cake and eat it too and unfortunately you were the only one to get hurt, never blame yourself I suppose, and if you two ever talk again, you can ask him.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Some of these excuses are going to be gold lmao

  • sexual reasons

    • We had sex all the time. Could you clarify?

    • In my case it was about her character. When I see a sexy girl just walking by, no butt wiggling or anything, she just doesn't care how crazy i go about her sex-appeal, THAT makes me want her.

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  • He was being selfish and not thinking about how it would effect you.

    • That's what he said but how could he not know that it would hurt me?

    • When you choose selfishness over love, you're not thinking about that other person

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