Still have feelings for my ex (father of my child) after 2 and a bit years?

He was pretty shitty towards me and not very reliable with regards to our child, but regardless of everything I've still not lost feelings for him. We get on find now (he's recently come back on the scene) and so far so good but we could never be together (There's too many reasons why).

I've only slept with one other person and it was one time, in the last 2 years. I've tried meeting people but haven't clicked with them.

I've tried to get the feelings to go away but they just won't. I'm no longer sad that were not together but I do still have feelings for him. Does anyone have any advice?


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  • You won't click with anyone until you realize and accept that you have to let go off of him. If you tried, and you already know that you two can't be together why would you prolongate the pain? Focus on yourself and give yourself the time to suffer and get over him once and for all. Don't take back a story that you already know how is going to end love, take care!


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  • Well you do have a very permanent factor in common (the kid)... so regardless of how you try, there will still be some remnant of feeling left behind, call it hope if you will.
    If you don't want to feel for him at all, the fastest way to do that will be to lose feeling for your/his child which im guessing is an impossibility?


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