Starting over casual. Can it turn into something deeper?

In a nutshell, my ex boyfriend and I started things pretty fast. We've been together 3 months. He's got some personal issues going on his life, but other than that, he's a really great guy. Fun, caring, smart. I was the one who was continuing to move a bit fast for him. He was used to going at his own pace. Just last week, he told me he didn't want to deal with it anymore, that he just didn't share the same feelings for me as I did for him. I think it's possible he was just overwhelmed with everything going on, and I wasn't making things any easier. I didn't realize that what I was doing was pushing him further and further away
The brief break allowed us both some space, and just recently we agreed to meet up and talk. It was a nice few hours together. I decided to invite him over yesterday, and we actually had a really good night, no tension, we were able to talk for hours and laugh. I felt we were actually, for the first time, getting to the core of each others personality. He thanked me for letting him stay and he agreed that it was easier to just let things flow and it was all cool.
Does this mean he's possibly reconsidering his decision to break it off? It's only been a week so that's why I'm curious to know if this new approach can actually turn things around? And the vibe I felt was a positive one.
Yes, it's possible he could develop feelings for you by slowing things down.
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No, he broke up with you, so it's unlikely he'll develop feelings again.
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*****Just wanted to add that he pretty much stayed with me the entire course of our relationship and has told me he felt good being with me****
Starting over casual. Can it turn into something deeper?
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