Is dealing with this normal?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for about a year and a month. We live together. She doesn't pay rent, she doesn't start work for another 2 weeks. I am completely supporting her. She has so many unpaid bills even when she starts working she won't be able to help me out for awhile. In the meantime I've been the one paying for her bills. On top of that I would like to think I deserve some better treatment. It feels like everything I do functioning as a human being upsets her. We are fighting now because she waited on me to eat with her, but when she got home I wasn't hungry anymore so she is p*ssed she waited to eat for nothing. I personally would shrug that off and just eat then. Now it's gone from being yelled at to ignored over something so stupid when I have to drive her 4 hours tomorrow to pay her speeding ticket so she doesn't go to jail. We break up often and get back together and it also upsets me because she immediately runs to the same guys for attention(sometimes there are new surprises). Every time. I just see her texting guys(not so much anymore). And I feel like they get the better side of her. The attention. The niceness. I'm the one that does everything for her yet I feel like I'm walking through a mine field just being myself. What is so special about these guys that earns the best of her? I had really good girls as friends and she would try find things wrong with them and tell me to ignore them. Not be their friend. Even a girl I grew up with as a child. So I would try to make her do the same thing with guys. I had good reasons. Thing is, there's no friendship to even end, it's like putting someone that only wants one thing on hold til our next big fight. It's unfair because if we break up, those girls might not talk to me after I ended our friendship because my girl didn't like them, yet what guy that was after my girl, isn't gonna welcome a girl they were after into their life again? These girls were my really good friends. These guys she might have met along the way or had a class but never talked. Until recently. My social life has gone to sh*t while her pool of horny douche bags will always be waiting. My friends hate the situation. They think she's rude. She never gave them a chance. Distorted their comments to be something rude. I am always more than welcoming and nice to hers. I treat them like my own friends. She makes any experience with friends hell by her attitude alone. Not talking, buried in the phone. Incredibly bored look. No participation. It's not even like we are boring. I have a bad ass group of friends. I wish she would just be opened minded and supportive towards doing things I wanna do. For someone who spends every second of the day trying to please a girlfriend, and helping financially, I feel like my best efforts are under her radar. Minor appreciation, lack of respect and patience. When there's not a fight about Is this normal? Am I asking for too much?

I like to go on craigslist and post ads for sex. My girlfriend gets p*ssed. Is dealing with this normal? :(


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  • What is it about her that made you think that it's worth losing so many good friends and being yelled at when you are actually supporting her? Why do you keep taking her back when she only treats you like a safety net? Just dump her and find someone who deserves you.

  • dude, you really should end that relationship...


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