If you dated someone for 3.5 years and you were trying to find ways to get over them, what would you do? How would you spend your time?

Has it happened to you? What's the fastest best ways to occupy your time and get your mind off your ex boyfriend.

If if this has happened you and he broke up with you, what's the best way and fastest way you got over them. I want to move on and be happy before my ex does so I don't have a mental breakdown when j find out he is dating someone else through Facebook and my heart breaks all over again?

My my friends kind of have all disappeared since I started hanging out with my ex for the past 3 years hoe do I rekindle those friendships? They might be mad I ignored them for so long?


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  • You can't just switch off your feelings for someone. The best way to get over someone is to remove all traces of them from your life, cut all means of contact. Keep active and busy. Evetytime you find yourself thinking of him focus your thoughts and attention elsewhere

    I'm time, memories fade and you think about them less and less. Gradually your feelings fade


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  • ok here is what all of my korean girlfriends have done.. Delete anything relating to him remove everything that has to do with him from you life and then this is the big part go out with your friends and have fun!

    • I think I needd more single girlfriends though. My friends are almost all married

    • it does not have to be just girls get a bunch of people and go ride roller coasters and shit or go to a concert the point is to create happy memories without him in them

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  • Never been with someone that long but I'd imagine you would do what you usually do. Me, personally, going to the gym and focusing on a healthier diet has helped me a lot.

    • My ex goes to the gym I'd go to, but I don't wNt to seem stalker is because I stopped working out for 1.5 years we were together. I haven't gained any weight or list any going to the gym or not going to the gym.

    • Sorry for the typos doing this all on my phone

    • Then go to a different gym. Org go to a coffee shop and write. I write all my Takes at Barnes and Nobles or Starbucks while drinking a frappe. Or pick up a new hobby or go back to an old one you stopped using. Delete everything relating to the guy.

      You have to find things that excite you.

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