He says he loves me but is in a relationship with her. What should I do?

I had a relationship with him but I broke up with him because I was young and scared to introduce him to my parents. He kept pushing me and I lost it and broke up with him. For months we just stayed friends and he was begging me to come back... until I told him that I was still in love with him. He replied that he was seeing another girl. We slept together but it, ofcourse, didn't change anything. I was heart broken and told him I didn't want to be friends anymore. We didn't had any contact for months, till he e-mailed me that he missed me and was hoping that we could be friends again. We were just friends for a few months, then he told me that I am the one he really wants and wants me back. I asked if he broke up with his girlfriend but he was still with her. I was dating someone else and told him that it wasn't a good idea since the friendship was good and dramafree. Since that moment I was confused. We hang out a lot, he even met my parents (as just a friend) and he told me secrets he didn't even told me when we were together. I don't know what to do. I still love him and he tells me he loves me too but he still has that girlfriend. He told me he is scared to break up with her, that their relationship is not bad but she just is not me. She forgave him that he cheated on her (with me) and now he feels guilty and is scared that he will end up alone. He texts me everyday several times, just to tell me he misses me, wants to cuddle me... I can't move on and I can't get back together because of his girlfriend... Should I just wait? Or convince him to come back to me? Ask him to choose? Tell him I don't want any contact?
He says he loves me but is in a relationship with her. What should I do?
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