Dealing with heartache, losing someone who you care for?

Hey, just wanted some advice.

Had a girl who I was close with decide to leaver past behind after school, fromer stripper / massasge. Said a lot of positives like think of our friendship in a positive light and wish you all the best in your future endevours. I went through a rough time last year and relied upon her for her support.

She moved back home and started her company which she finished school for. I reached out quite a while later and said some positives back and forth and she met someone. Is said I was happy and proud of her. I congradulated her on the new company, said you deserve to be happy and those suporitve coments only to have her say please do not contact me and blocked.

I talked to a person in a similar field and came to an understanding that some girls have or can't hold on to ther past and need to distance themself. Just would like some throughts or opinions as I will always hold our friendship close.


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What Girls Said 2

  • ... damn

    sorry it happened to you too

    Don't wish it on anyone

  • Sorry you're hurting. It's hard to figure out why someone would shut you out of their life when they won't give you any answers. I know it's a painful experience, and you may not get any closure regarding it. So first step for you would be to accept that, as hard as it is. And focus on you and try your best to keep busy living life.
    It'll take some time but you will eventually feel better. Hang in there.

    • Thank you, will always have those time memories, some special moment such as the last night out, exhange of I love yous and kiss, her worring about me making me homemade dish, wearing my braclet for her final exam, complimenting me, etc

What Guys Said 1

  • I imagine she wants to forget her past as if it never happened and having any contact with you serves as a reminder of naughtier times.

    • Yeah thats the way I understand it, some girls need to let go and move on and she has by moving home and stating her company, etc.

    • Some things happen and you just have no choice but to accept them and move on.

    • I know Its easier than than done, today just happens to be her Bday and would like to send some B day wishes and I've been holding back not to send her and greetings right now. Last year I got her a special braclet just stuff like that is hard to let go

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