I feel really lost without him and its driving me crazy?

My now ex boyfriend and I of five years had a rocky two weeks but normally we don't really argue. We have been looking at buying a house which he was happy about. He then found out his job might be at risk and switched on me completely. He went all moody and down and told me he can't say he loves me anymore and has no feelings. We then didn't speak for two weeks as he cut me off after a tense conversation as he just wouldn't speak to me.

Last night i turned up to his house. He purchased a new play station a tablet and some more DVDs. Said that he just wants to be on his own and wouldn't look at me at all, wouldn't look at my face was starring out the window clenching his fists. If I tried to look him his eyes started watering. He said he can't tell me he loves me back and can't be bothered to continue. Said he would rather be on his own and will be on constant business travel due to the job change and he thinks of himself as a loner now. Said he has had a clear mind for the last two weeks and is really happy as he hasn't got to worry about anyone but himself. His parents were worried about him as we were communicating and he looked miserable and just wasn't himself. I feel really bad for walking away from him but he literally didn't give me a choice as he had no interest in being near me. If I touched him he would move away. I can't get my head around how much he has changed so quickly. I am heart broken but also worried about him.


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  • Don't give up on him.. From what u told i think he really loves you.. Loves you more than anyone else in the world.. Maybe he is worried that when he will be away he will cause you pain.. He is try to push u away for your own sake.. If i were you I wouldn't let him go no matter what

    • Its really difficult I told him I would give him space now via email on Monday and he didn't reply like I expected he wouldn't. It literally breaks my heart. x

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    • Just hearing ur story makes me cry dude.. It's like a movie but don't worry just believe and everything is gonna be alright

    • Yeah I hope so. The thought of not seeing him again breaks my heart. So strange cos we was fine. Xx

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  • I don't think I would really fuck up a5 year relationship for a job personally. It's best he ended it because thats no way to live, seeing him once a month, few times a year.

    • Good on you, seems that he would! lol

    • Yeah it's tough but he's got some fucked up priorities.

    • Yeah - going to be a lonely man if he isn't careful which is quite sad. I think he forgets what life was like when he was single maybe - who knows. Forgotten what he has..

  • Leave him be.

  • Don't worry I am at standby. 😏


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