I found out my father is cheating on my mother, what should I do?

Recently, I found out my father is seeing another women. I had seen his phone ring, I picked it up, and after talking I saw a little Facebook messenger from a woman. Being snoopy, I opened it and started reading and was horrified to read their messages.

The women is clearly lonely, bombarding my father with messages. Furthermore, I found messages about my dad trying to steal money from my hard working mother (and the woman telling him to give her money) and messages that were sexual and talking about their time together.

I love my mother and she has always told me never to be any mans so called "b*tch" but my father treats her horribly, and seeing this, it takes the bait.

Should I tell my mother? She is the one who get money and is well off but I don't want to ruin a (already broken) marriage, I don't want my brother to grow up without a father, and I don't want to be the one everyone blames.

I hate my father; he has been a horrid sack of sh*t my whole life so confronting him is not an option as he will say what he has always said; "No one will ever believe you because you are liar."

At least now I have proof to show.

So what should I do? Keep quiet or tell my mother. If I leave, I will not be there to see the aftermath as I am joining the Army.
I found out my father is cheating on my mother, what should I do?
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