Why do men cheat?

why is it that men cheat? Most of all the women I have talked to say there man has cheated at least once.

Why can't men be committed to one women.

Now don't get me wrong I know there are at least two things men need sex and a good attitude from a women. If the guy is getting his needs met then why would he still cheat? Help me out guys?


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  • Your question assumes that monogamy is the norm, in some parts of the world it is not, not everyone practices monogamy, in western society we practice serial monogamy. Studies have shown that 50 to 80% of men will cheat and 30 to 50% of women cheat for all sorts of reasons. Some people like the intial stages of a relationship, the high that you get, it wears off after about 1 to 2 years. Women have to be selective with their partners they only produce one to two eggs a month and are fertile for a part of the cycle. Men can produces millions of sperm and are fertile all the time. Its an instinct to have as many offspring to ensure that your dna surives. Sex is designed to feel good, otherwise peopel wouldn't do it, and they would eventually die out, its nature. Biology transposed with the rubic of economic contraints, morality, religion, social values, these contradicts the object of haveing to many children. The individual decides whether or not to cheat, each individual makes decisons about how they behave and the consequences and the risk associated with them. Promiscuity is discouraged for a reason, it creates problems, some of them have been solved with technology, DNA tests, some have sugested that monogamy or fidelity might be relaxed to slow the rate of divorce. People are living longer, staying together is harder. If you look at contemporary society, promiscuity is high, infidelity is chic, gay relationships are being more accepted again, abortions, contraception are easliy availabe, divorce is easy to obtain. How does this affect socitey as a whole, you need to turn to history to learn from it, over 2000 years passed since these same thing were popular. Law was enacted to stop it, religion and social pressure was used to discourage it, there is a reason behind it..


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  • most of the women you talk to are too stupid to know how and where to find a good guy who wouldn't cheat. women cheat just as much as men do in my experience, if not women more.

    if he's getting his needs why would he still cheat? because he's just using women for sex, and the women who he's with/has been with are too stupid to realize that.

  • for the same reasons women cheat. its not something unique to men. don't act like it is.

    • Women cheat because there not happy with there guy most of the time because he is cheating.

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    • I'd have to agree with WeaponZero. Plenty of women cheat without their partner cheating first. Also, if a guy cheats on you, then you cheating on him doesn't make it justified. It makes you stupid for not leaving him if his cheating bothers you.

    • Amen weapon, amen

  • the same reason women cheat...there is no difference based off of sex...


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