How do I tell the girl I'm dating I'm not into her anymore?

We have been dating for a while and recently told me that she is bisexual, she is really into me and I mostly play along but I know that I'm losing interest in her cause of this.

How do I tell her in a way as she understands whats going on?


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  • It's best to be honest with her. It's cruel to let anyone hold onto false hope. It's possible to be honest and tactful. I'd rather someone be brutally honest with me than lead me on and deceive with false promises and false hope. It's more painful than honesty

  • You say " let's be friends " or " I can't see myself with someone who is interested in both sexes because there is too much to worry about. Like is your BFF your BFF or your crush? Too complicated for me"

  • Write her a letter saying that your love for her has subsided... leave a flower and some chocolate next to it and then run

    • Haha I dont know why, but you made it sound like a fun thing😂

    • Everything in life should be fun, or at least it should be made fun because what's the point in sulking about the past when you have a great future ahead of you :)

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