I can't stop fighting with my boyfriend?

please help I don't know what to do I love hi so much but we fight constantly I don't what to do help me we fight over really stupid thing according to him just please help


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What Guys Said 1

  • Fighting is a bad sign usually means the relationship is over or about to end. Who usually starts the arguments...

    • He does he's called me a stuck up bitch and told me I need to change what I wear wich is hollister and a.e and he ignores me on the phone all the time

    • Guys do this in order to get you to break up with him, so you don't get hurt and he can find someone else and do it all again...

    • Ok. I might have to talk to him about it thanks

What Girls Said 1

  • It depends on who's the first to start the fight. If you usually start the fight then before you get mad about something small stop and think about if it's something that is going to bother you tomorrow, the next day, or a month from now. Either that or just wait a few days before you bring it up because then it might not matter as much as it did. If it's him that starts it then you should talk to him when you're not fighting and tell him what I just said and encourage him to try it. Hope this helps.


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